My paintings

My emotions create my paintings. I allow the emotions to express themselves on the canvas. There is no filter. Its emotions translated onto a canvas. 

I bring all my energy to my work. You can feel it when you look at my art. I become one with the work I create. There is no longer ‘’me’’ and ‘’it’’, but one entity. I allow emotions to take me over and I feel them in their fullness. This feeling is what is transferred to the viewer. 

This leads me to sometimes draw nude. And other times with loud metal music. It depends on what the work needs from me in order to fully surrender. 

I express myself through art and art expresses itself through me. My duality is recognized in it. The duality of strength and tenderness. Strictness and warmth. Determination and vulnerability. Seriousness and savagery. Elegance and vulgarity. 

And at the same time – there are no words to describe them. Let the paintings speak for themselves.